Community Care at a Critical Time

No two cancer diagnoses are the same. That’s why the Sanford Health oncology team hosted by Rainy Lake Medical Center works not only within their specialties, but regularly meets with other health care providers in different specialties to discuss complicated cancer cases and share knowledge. All toward the goal of determining the best possible cancer treatment and care plan for each individual patient.

For more information:

Contact the Sanford Joe Lueken Cancer Center at (218) 333-5522

We offer:


Cancer Screenings

Symptom Management



Biological Therapy

Targeted Drug Therapy

Hormone Therapy

Replacement Therapy

Our Trusted Team

  • Nichole Hassebroek – APRN, CNP

    Nichole Hassebroek – APRN, CNP

  • Heather Czywczynski – APRN, CPM

    Heather Czywczynski – APRN, CPM

We're Here For You

If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1. If you have a general question or concern, please call us at 218.283.4481.
RLMC Nurse Line 24/7: 800.206.6991.