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Your medical records contain your entire healthcare history. If you have questions about what they contain, how to view them, or how to transfer them, you’ve come to the right page.

How Secure Are My Medical Records?

Security of your medical records is a top priority at Rainy Lake Medical Center. Every effort is made to protect the content, with information only released after verifying proper authorization.

Can I View My Medical Records?

Yes, simply call us at 218-283-5463 to set up an appointment to view your records. Personnel will be available to assist you.

How Can I Obtain Copies of My Medical Records?

Your medical records are confidential and cannot be released without your authorization. If you would like copies, the clerk will ask you to complete a “Release of Information” form. This form will identify who you are, your date of birth, to whom the records are going, why you need your records, and which records you are asking for. The form must be dated and signed by you. You may be asked to provide identification to ensure proper authorization of the release.

Do I Have To Request Records In-Person?

No, you can also send a written or a faxed request to the medical records department. The request must identify who you are, where you would like them sent, what records you are asking for, and why you need them. Your signature will be authenticated with signatures we have in your medical record to ensure proper authorization of the release.

Can a Family Member Sign for Release of My Records?

No, only you can authorize release of your medical records. State, Federal, and Rainy Lake Medical Center guidelines prohibit anyone else from authorizing release of your medical records.

Will There Be a Charge?

Depending on the information needed from your record, there may be a charge. Please call the clerk at 283-5463 for more information.

Transfer of Medical Records

Transfer your medical records with ease at Rainy Lake Medical Center with one of these two simple steps.

  1. Call (218) 283-5463 or simply stop by for more information or help filling out an Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information to send your records to another care provider. 
  2. Contact your healthcare provider to have your medical records sent to us.

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