Dr. Sessions’ goal is to help patients return to the activities they love while building
meaningful relationships along the way. Dr. Sessions is passionate about the outdoors and competitive sports. He enjoys spending time with his family outside while snowboarding, wakeboarding, camping, hunting, or exercising. He is a member of the Flywell Flying Club and has a private pilot’s license. Dr. Sessions was a competitor on American Ninja Warrior, a Boston Marathon qualifier, and a member of the Colorado State University men’s snowboarding team. In the summer of 2010, he completed a transcontinental bicycle trip with his family from Maine to Oregon. He also has a passion for global health care and routinely travels abroad to assist with surgical care in Peru. Dr. Sessions was raised in the mountains of Colorado in a log home built by his father. He grew up in a multigenerational cabin in northern Minnesota and has always thought life was better up north.