An emergency room doctor at Rainy Lake Medical Center has agreed to a contract that will place him at the facility one week a month for the next three years.

RLMC officials last week agreed to deal with Acute Care, the organization that staffs the emergency department, to ensure Dr. Pete Olsen will work at RLMC a minimum of 14 weeks per year for the next three years.

“Dr. Olsen is a great physician who loves our community, staff, and culture,” said RLMC CEO Robb Pastor. “Under his leadership and the great care that our emergency department staff provide, we will continue to see our emergency department elevate to the next level.”

“I’ve always felt called to rural medicine,” Dr. Olsen said. “I realized Rainy Lake Medical Center was unique. The nursing services are absolutely top notch and there are so many great people here who form a great culture.”

Dr. Olsen spoke highly of his faith and how it has been integral in choosing a career path.

“I truly believe God has called me to work as a physician,” he said. “I’ve been a (healthcare) administrator, but I always wanted to be a doctor at the bedside with a team of nurses performing really good medicine. I’m always teaching and we have a culture in International Falls that really supports that idea.”

Dr. Olsen has been the center of several positive comments throughout the community regarding care at RLMC. This week, staff recognized him with the Award for Commitment and Excellence in Service. The award is selected by a team of RLMC employees based on patient comments received.

“Dr. Olsen has not only made a difference in our community but in our staff as well,” said Nancy Peterson, RLMC’s director of patient access. “Not only does he provide excellent leadership and continued education in the emergency department, he treats all staff members with respect and kindness. He embodies all of RLMC’s values and we are so proud to have him on staff.”

The likelihood of recommending RLMC’s emergency department is one of the organization’s goals for 2022. Pastor said he’s proud of the hard work and commitment by staff that has resulted in a significant changes and improvements.

“I am approached almost daily by someone related to the great care that they or their loved one received while utilizing our emergency department,” he said. “We’ve got a great team here and Dr. Olsen is an excellent addition. We’re grateful for the continued partnership with Acute Care to provide the best possible service to our communities.”

Dr. Olsen expressed his appreciation for Pastor and RLMC’s collaboration with Acute Care.

“I’m grateful for Robb’s leadership and persistence to make it possible for me to be here,” he said. “I feel so blessed for the collaboration that has allowed me to be here. I believe God has a place for me in I Falls… this hospital is a regional treasure with services that go beyond what a lot of rural centers offer… We’re very lucky to have RLMC.”

About Dr. Olsen

Dr. Olsen has been practicing medicine for more than 15 years. He lives in Ponte Vedra, Fla., with his wife, Angela, and their two children Ella and Sam.

About RLMC

RLMC offers emergency care, surgery, cardiology rehab and diagnostics, chemo and infusion therapy, family medicine clinics, radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, therapy services, hosts sleep studies, laboratory services, orthopedics, swing bed care – both acute and skilled nursing.