Due to unprecedented COVID-related government lock downs in China, Rainy Lake Medical Center, along with all U.S. hospitals, are experiencing supply chain disruptions creating shortages of contrast dye (also known as x-ray dye) to perform CAT or CT scans

As at all hospitals, Rainy Lake Medical Center’s ability to perform these scans will be limited to the most critical cases until the supply chain issues are corrected. The majority of the world’s supply of contrast media is manufactured in Shanghai, shipped and then distributed by GE Healthcare and Bracco. This disruption is expected to last until at least the end of June.

Rainy Lake Medical Center physicians and healthcare teams are exploring various solutions to conserve contrast media, including using alternative imaging technologies, materials and postponing non-emergency scans.

“Our patients are always the priority, and we are 100 percent committed to providing the best possible care to our communities,” said RLMC’s CEO Robb Pastor.

RLMC officials will continue to keep our communities informed on any shortage updates on our Facebook page and website, rainylakemedical.com.

“We are sharing this information with our communities in an effort to keep you informed and help you understand any decisions we are making during the provision of care,” said Laurie Whitfield- Trautlein, RLMC’s chief administrative officer. “Please do not hesitate to seek out our services if you need care. We will take care of the rest.”