Rainy Lake Medical Center (RLMC) officials proudly announce a strategic land acquisition that sets the stage for the future of healthcare in Borderland.

In a proactive move, RLMC officials have secured riverfront property, positioned along the scenic Rainy River between the U.S. Border Patrol and Voyageurs National Park Headquarters buildings. This landmark acquisition underlines RLMC’s commitment to meet the growing demands of our organization and create boundless opportunities for development.

“We are thrilled to announce this pivotal land acquisition, which fortifies our vision for the future,” said RLMC CEO Robb Pastor. “This decisive step ensures that we possess the resources and space necessary to expand and evolve, providing enhanced services to our community.”

While specific plans for the property are under thoughtful development, the investment echoes RLMC’s unwavering dedication to forward-thinking approaches and the long-term sustainability of the organization. This acquisition is a testament to RLMC’s commitment to not only meet current demands but also to invest in the betterment of the community’s health and well-being, as well as offer expanded services.

“As we look to the future, we understand the paramount importance of staying ahead of the curve, remaining adaptable, and embracing upcoming challenges and opportunities,” Pastor said. “This acquisition reflects our vision for progress and growth, ensuring our position as a leading healthcare provider in the region.”

RLMC’s commitment to meticulous strategic and master facility planning continues this year, with the future firmly in sight. Pastor reiterated that while this acquisition is a significant step toward future development, no final decisions pertaining to building or expansion plans have been finalized at this stage.

About Rainy Lake Medical Center

Rainy Lake Medical Center stands at the forefront of delivering exceptional medical services to the Borderland communities. With a comprehensive range of offerings, including emergency care, surgery, cardiology rehab and diagnostics, chemo and infusion therapy, family medicine clinics, radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, therapy services, sleep studies, laboratory services, respiratory therapy, and orthopedics, RLMC continues to excel in providing compassionate care for all. RLMC is also dedicated to offering both acute and skilled nursing services through its swing bed care program. For more information about RLMC, visit: https://rainylakemedical.com/