As a self-proclaimed klutz, Juanita Sheasby admits she had accepted her fate as a person who fell a lot. But when an August 2020 fall left her with a cracked elbow and scraped knee, Juanita’s family suggested she seek medical attention.

“They feared it might be more serious than that I was just clumsy,” Juanita said.

An MRI didn’t reveal anything alarming, and Juanita’s medical provider suggested she try therapy to improve her balance. Having worked with therapists at the Rainy Lake Medical Center Therapy and Wellness Center for sciatica and leg issues in 2019, Juanita was familiar with the center but unsure how they could help her with balance.

“I felt frustrated with the idea,” Juanita admits. “I didn’t know how it could help.”

But after her first session with Elizabeth Johnson, RLMC physical therapist, Juanita quickly started seeing improvements.

“Elizabeth helped me retrain my brain for balance,” Juanita said. “What I liked about her therapy was that she was engaged with a lot of different ideas.”

After several months of working with Elizabeth, Juanita officially “graduated” from therapy sessions, feeling proud of her progress, but sad for the experience to end. Juanita said RLMC’s therapy staff started to feel like another family, and she looked forward to spending time with them week-after-week.

“The environment was very family-oriented,” she said of the Therapy and Wellness Center. “I always felt very comfortable, and they made sure I felt that way… I still use the tools I learned every day. The techniques Elizabeth taught me helped change my life.”