A recent trip to Singapore left a Rainy Lake Medical Center leader feeling motivated and inspired.

Kim Usery, the director of the RLMC laboratory, visited Singapore earlier this month for the Rotary International Convention. Usery, who has been a Rotarian for two years, will take over as president of the local club in July.

“As a fairly new Rotarian, I thought it would be helpful to attend an international forum to help me better understand my role as president of our local club and to get ideas on different projects to work on, fundraisers, and ways to better our club,” Usery said.

The annual convention gathers people of different Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs from around the world to brainstorm solutions to current challenges and celebrate the work each group has done.

“It is a great place to learn from what other clubs are doing, how to contribute to worldwide projects, and how to improve our own service projects right here at home,” Usery said.

During the convention, Rotary International officials discussed engagement, how to keep members engaged and the importance of honest feedback. Those principles, Usery said, reflect what is instilled among staff at RLMC.

“They also are working on embracing change and how we can implement different strategies that can make our clubs more resilient,” Usery said. “A lot of the information that I got from the convention mirrored the same things that are so valued here at RLMC.”

Aside from the convention, Usery enjoyed taking in the sights of the country.

“Singapore is an amazing place,” she said. “It was incredibly easy to use their public transport, they are welcoming to tourists, and it is a very diverse in culture, language, and religion. Considering the size of the city, they also value their green space. There were so many parks and public gardens. They have some of the largest public greenhouses in the world.”

Usery said while she likely won’t be at the 2025 Rotary International Convention, she looks forward to visiting Taiwan for the event in 2026.