For the second year in a row, Rainy Lake Medical Center’s employee engagement score places the local hospital/clinic in the top 10 percent of healthcare organizations in the country, according to preliminary results of a recent Press Ganey survey.

While the full report of the survey RLMC employees took in September has yet to be calculated, the organization achieved an overall mean score of 4.40, which positions RLMC at the 93rd percentile, or top 7 percent, among all healthcare organizations in the country.

“This remarkable achievement reflects the dedication, hard work, and commitment by RLMC staff to create an exceptional workplace culture,” said CEO Robb Pastor. “It’s a testament to our collective efforts in providing outstanding care and service to our community.”

The results fall on the heels of last year’s employee engagement score, which was only slightly higher at 4.45, putting RLMC in the top 6 percent of healthcare organizations in the country. The 2023 results indicate to RLMC executives and the board of trustees that these scores are now a pattern of a satisfied workforce.

“Another high score for employee engagement proves that the hospital and clinic are fulfilling their vision: to be the communities’ trusted and preferred healthcare provider and employer,” said Dick Peterson, chairperson of the RLMC Board of Trustees. “Congratulations, RLMC employees.”

Growth mode

RLMC’s employee engagement has been on an upward trajectory since Pastor became CEO in 2018, and worked with the organization’s executives, board and leaders on a goal to re-engage the staff.

RLMC partnered with Capstone Leadership Solutions, Inc., and began its journey to excellence by embracing what the employees call the Icebox Initiative.

“The Icebox Initiative has helped elevate the culture here at RLMC,” Pastor said. “The effort is driven by the values of: Integrity & Respect, Compassion and Excellence Through Teamwork, which our team embraces daily. I believe our staff are more engaged than ever.”

And the numbers are there to prove it.

The first employee engagement survey in 2019 generated a score that landed RLMC in the 22nd percentile of healthcare organizations in the country. The following year, despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, employee engagement jumped to the 71st percentile and has continued to climb ever since.

“We’re in growth mode because of the strength of our culture,” Pastor said. “There are good things on the horizon for our organization.”

Community-wide achievement

While the successful score will be a shared celebration among RLMC employees, it also signals good news for the community.

Pastor said strong employee engagement emphasizes RLMC’s resilience and ability to thrive even in challenging times. It shows RLMC employees in all departments are dedicated to the organization’s mission, vision, and the well-being of patients and their families.

“The hard work and commitment of our teams make a significant difference, and we are proud to have such a devoted group of employees,” Pastor said. “As we eagerly anticipate the complete report, we look forward to celebrating our achievements together and identifying opportunities for further growth and improvement.”

About Rainy Lake Medical Center

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