A member of Rainy Lake Medical Center’s Board of Trustees achieved a high-level certification in July.

Dick Peterson, chairperson of the RLMC Board of Trustees, became a certified trustee by The Minnesota Hospital Association, or MHA, Trustee Council.

“When I learned of the MHA trustee certification program, I knew it would improve my health care knowledge, leadership effectiveness and attention to governance compliance,” Peterson said.

The voluntary board certification program is designed to make a good board member great, and a committed board member an exceptional asset, according to information from MHA. Becoming certified shows a trustee’s commitment to high standards and accountability for their governance performance.

In addition, certification helps promote consistent standards, meaningful accountability, effective leadership and broad knowledge of critical health care issues.

As RLMC trustees and members of the executive team prepare for an upcoming strategic planning session, Peterson said certification has helped him develop a more forward thinking and strategic understanding of the health care environment not only in International Falls, but in the state of Minnesota.

“Public trust in a hospital is vital,” he said. “It’s great to serve on such a dedicated board, and I remain committed to being a champion for RLMC.”

Peterson has a long history with RLMC, and the former Falls Memorial Hospital. He was first employed as a part-time pharmacist at FMH in the 1970s, while working at Walgreens/Snyder Drug.

In 2002, Peterson returned to the hospital as the director of pharmacy for 10 years. He has been on the Board of Trustees for five years, serving as chairperson for two-and-a-half years.