By Brian Tolley, RLMC Physical Therapist

After a long winter, summer is finally here. We all know exercise is important and now that we can get outside to be active, it is a perfect time to start a routine. Here are some hints to help you be successful.

Ease into it. Getting back into exercise after a long break should be done slowly. Pushing to hard at first could result in an injury. Do not expect to start at the same level you were at when you last exercised. Start slow and evaluate your current fitness level. You can build from there.

Chose something you enjoy doing. Consistency is key to being successful with exercising. If you try to do things you do not enjoy, chances are you will not continue. There is no one perfect exercise. If you like to run, then run. But if you despise the idea of running, do not try to force yourself to do it. The best exercise is the one you will do.

Find an exercise partner. Exercising with a partner can add fun to your workout. A partner can help motivate you to exercise on days when you are feeling it. Having someone to talk to while exercising can make the time fly.

Find a consistent time to exercise. While it can be hard to find a consistent time to exercise in our busy lives, doing so will help you be successful. If we can schedule 30 minutes out of our day to exercises, that will leave us 23 ½ hours to get every thing else done.

Returning to exercising is not easy. There will be soreness and discomfit as your body adapts. But exercise is free medicine and will help you improve your body and your mind. Set yourself up to enjoy our short summers by starting to exercise today.